Buddy the cat takes a little bit of a slip whereas being to curious.

Also earlier than the inevitable, “you tried to place your cat in a bag” feedback, i didn’t plant the bag there in hopes this is able to occur. I used to be simply having fun with my wings when he hopped up and I made a decision to movie it as a result of I do know he likes getting in Trader Joes baggage. I believed it will be a humorous video with him climbing into a unique bag that wasn’t from Trader Joes, as a result of everyone knows there are different locations to buy in addition to Trader Joes. Which makes me consider all these mother and pop grocery shops that went out of enterprise when Big Grocery got here to city… Sad! =)



  1. he just banged his head pretty hard u idiot. your just thier laughing dinbat. give your kat 2 someone that loves him.

  2. no clue why I received a push notification 2 daysafter this video was uploaded, but I'm not complaining

  3. dickweed. Most cats have done this. Most caring owners never thought of putting it on YT for others to 'enjoy'. Grasp the difference?

  4. if anybody wants to help each other out with subs go to my channel sub me and say sub. ill sub back and like all your videos!

  5. Owning a cat is pretty much a constant battle of trying to determine if you should be worried about, laughing at, crying for fear or surprised by.


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