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Big Wave Surfer from germany Sebastian Steudtner towed by his teammate and also big wave surfer Axi Muniain surfing a giant wave inn Nazare, Portugal. Nominated to World Surf Leagues Ride of the year



  1. WHOA!!! Does this break the record for largest wave surfed (and if I recall there's two categories, one for self-paddle in and another for watercraft assistance). GMAC holds the record from a wave surfed there at Nazaré, right??

  2. you know its a big wave when you think that a guy with a big jetski is the surfer, but then realize the little ant size thing on the left is the surfer…

  3. Thats the biggest wave ever surfed on camera to date! For some reason though if your names not Garrett it wont be considered as a record…


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