Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee tells the story about the death of her son and how she felt about White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly’s speech about fallen soldiers.



  1. Cmon trolls. Come on out and start talking shit on this. Show us your disgusting behavior, not only to these soldiers, and families, but to our country's strive to keep our freedom alive and safe. The disgusting part of all of this is that we should not be having these types of discussions on heartlessness. We should be embracing these sacrifices in reverence and respect.

  2. God bless all our fallen and their families. I have lost friends in the wars that we have partook in and they always were proud of their services and completely understood what they got involved in. I can say not once did they ever question a thing! The fact that non service members are even involved in this is a travesty

  3. Trump started it comparing what Obama did to himself! Trump used the fallen soldiers as political gain by saying that he had done more to support the family's than other presidents! Fake Fox strikes again

  4. A lot of people need to read the book “War is a Racket” by Maj.Gen.Smedley Butler he won 2 Congressional Medals of Honor. It’s only 38 pages long he talked about he realized war only benefits the men who build the means to make war and how average hard working people are exploited by greedy people. They own the means by which we get our information and they use it to get us to act against our own best interests. The congresswoman isn’t the coward, the President is.


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