The 2018 Golden Globes were unusually political. Oprah spoke about the #MeToo movement. Many celebrities dressed in black and were accompanied by activists. Host Seth Myers joked about Harvey Weinstein in his opener.

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  1. I don't think Opera would run for President because she has a Mental health issue! I heard she had a nervous breakdown not long ago ,since she was shopping!Believe me ,it's true !

  2. Oprah is a well known race baiter……perpetual victim for all Black people. Right about the abuse network in Hollywood thought…..not just Black folks are victims……everyone is.

    Oprah needs to stop with the man stuff too…..Women can be just as abusive. Oprah is very rich, and has been at many meetings with rich elites. Makes me wonder sometimes…. what she is all about.

    These Hollywood types have been covering up the Abuse networks for years….now all of a sudden they're coming forward????
    A little bait and switch going on …maybe????

  3. The only reason why she is speaking out because she buys her way she's only got money she has no clue about nothing kind of acts like president Trump always swinging their Packer cuz I got money

  4. Opera is about the only hope the democratic party has left, one more year of Trump if he keeps doing good things he will completely destroy the democratic party, they know it to thats why they are scratching under every rock searching every hay stack trying to dig up something in a desperate attempt to get him out, joe biden or any body else will not stand a chance against Trump, if opera says no the dems will have to hang their heads in shame and i love it.


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