Dear Semmler,
We love you and we want to see you succeed in the OverWatch League and dominate to take it to another level like you did in CS:GO.

The CS:GO Talent

Edit: Vince’s video, which I forgot to add, sadly.



  1. This is so fucking sad! 🙁 Why is Semmler leaving? He was by far my favorite! Is he like the MonteCristo of CSGO? Would love it if someone could explain why he left.

  2. Semmler, you are fucking awesome.
    I'm glad you're going to another game I watch, I'm really looking forward to seeing you in OWL!

  3. Well there goes my favorite most iconic caster of all time. I will miss you Semmler, but you will never be forgotten and that's a promise.

  4. This is amazing, glad you did this Thorin! Best of luck to Semmler, I wish I'd heard his voice in historic moments of CSGO for years to come but it's a great opportunity for him that he deserves completely.

  5. He wasnt good anyways. Was too much hype for cs. Doesnt fit the sport. His type of casting goes way better with fastpaced games like ow or paladins

  6. Thoorin youre such a teddy bear. lol jokes aside, this was really nice. i'm sure this made him feel very appreciated and loved. my heart :')

  7. This is such a joke, the fact that professional casters are leaving csgo to go to probably the worst competitive game I have ever seen is pretty awful. This just shows that blizzard is getting all of this casting talent because they put more money into making that game an esport.


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