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  1. Jack I need this from you, I need you to take your musical talent and make a song about why it's not cool to call yourself emo and mentally ill because too many kids nowadays are retarded and decide cutting themselves helps with reality but they need to learn to deal with reality. I know it's very different from your normal content that's happy and funny but it would mean the world to me if you did this. Thank you and famsquad like this so he can see this I know it's a scummy thing to say but I need him to make this!

  2. I found out my 13 year old cousin liked Jake Paul. Being a 13 year old myself I knew what I had to do. I took her out into the backyard. We watched the sunset together. At this point I was hesitant for what I was planning, but then she said "Hey we should do this everyday…everyday bro" Then I shot her in the back of the head.


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