Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, on the legal fallout over Google’s firing of an employee who wrote a memo concerning the tech firm’s variety coverage.



  1. Make it a class action law suit and allow all the people who have been marginalized by the leftist bias join together and hold Google responsible.

  2. Sounds right in this f'd time of liberal progressive jackpots.
    He laid out the facts and that's just not acceptable! Jeezus!

  3. I'M pretty sure Its called Prior Restraint , The Corp. Goggle Is echoing The wishes of Goverment . Its Prior restraint , Look it Up .

  4. I believe the company forum page this was posted to was for sharing opinions and views. This is just another example of the left eating itself, they can't deal with the same standards they hold us to when it comes to listening to and understanding others opinions and views! In this case it's FACTS that are shared they can't handle.

  5. First of all, I am against discrimination against women… but that does not mean men and women are physically equal. As far as I know… male developers like female developers, just as the Internet is full of males who are looking for females. And most developers hire developers by their skill and abilities. I can hardly believe a senior developer would hire a mediocre male developer over a talented female developer.
    Why can't we even think about the possibility that females generally do lack some programming abilities or do not like programming? I mean, we have no problem in saying that females have sensitive and emotional nature than men so that they can do better in jobs like caring for babies, teaching young children, and other artistic fields, do we?

  6. Does this mean that Google denies the biological differences between males and females because it does not agree with Google's politically correct agenda? There is a considerable spread and overlap between the abilities of men and women, but it cannot be denied that there are biological differences that extend beyond reproduction. Many studies have concluded that men and women's brained are wired differently. It seems perfectly reasonable to comment on these differences and how they impact on the individual's suitability for certain tasks. Taken this PC equality policy to its logical conclusion should women be punished for living longer then men. It seems to me that feminists what absolute equality except in areas where women do less well than men, in which case they expect societies laws to intervene in their favour. I have read the full memo and its main point is that the biological differences between men and women predispose them to be better at certain tasks. I fail to see how Google management can dispute this.


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