Hayward will be part of a Celtics crew which made it to the Eastern Conference Finals this previous season however misplaced to the Cavaliers.



  1. If Betrayward left for his bromance with Stevens, ok.
    If he left because of Golden state and he felt like he couldnt win a championship, well then thats a beech move.
    Lets face facts, the east is weak and the likelyhood of the Celtics in the playoffs year after year is really good. I mean c'mon the Celtics record in the west wouldn't have been anywhere near close to good enough for the #1 seed. The NBA and these so called "super teams" are shit. All stars used to earn trophies, not take the path of least resistance. There is no loyalty in sports anymore, I miss the days when players would play with passion for thier city/team and not thier own glory.
    Loyalty, Honor , Respect.

    Good luck Betrayward !


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