The Grammys prez’s comments: http://variety.com/2018/music/news/grammys-so-male-women-recording-academy-president-neil-portnow-1202679902/

Gender gap in the music industry: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/25/arts/music/music-industry-gender-study-women-artists-producers.html



  1. Why is saying "we have to be more inclusive" a negative thing? I think making a conscious effort to say that women are welcome in the music industry is helping to create an environment of equality. It's not "rolling out the red carpet" for women. That's a very patronizing way to look at it. I don't think it's cool for you (a man) to mansplain those comments, that were clearly made in an effort to uplift the female music community, in such a negative light. We need people in powerful positions to recognize that the playing field must be equal in order for everyone to benefit.

  2. Look at the top comments! Exactly! They ruined Hollywood, music, award shows, and the alt-left is ruining their failing society safehaven in California. See that New California bs? They keep taking steps down.

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  4. The only comments i see here are just saying that the grammy's are a joke, and are just ignoring the wider issue that the video brings up. The issue isn't about the relevance of awards shows and their influence, but the involvement of women in the music industry. The Grammy's themselves, since they are selecting "the best" of the best, you only see a small amount of the music industry each year, limiting exposure to only 5 or 6 artists per category. The bigger issue is in the grass roots of the music industry, which is a harder issue to even analyse.

  5. please do a stink piece on ben shapiro. nothing in particular, you can just shoot aimlessly and you'll find nothing but shit lol

  6. Dude I'm not against you but ever been to Guitar Center? …it's 2% women. Let's not fault women for their lack of interest in the pro audio dept, engineering and other non-artist roles.

  7. It's not really surprising that women won't choose careers from expecially the technical side of the music game. It has been studied that in general men, from the jump, are way more into technical shit than women. Perhaps that genetic general difference is a catalyst for some sexist preconceptions in the industry, who really knows? But nonetheless, the person sitting behind the mixing console is always gonna be a guy more often than a gal. And that really shouldn't matter, let em gals do whatever the fuck they want.

  8. The thing is, even if Bruno Mars didn’t win AOTY, Lorde still wouldn’t have won because it wasn’t the best. Let’s be honest, the Grammy’s are absolutely nothing but a popularity contest and have been for years. The fact that it’s so politicized now doesn’t help the case. I will agree that Lorde should’ve been offered a performance of some kind, but due to her refusing to play in Israel, they may have wanted to avoid controversy.

  9. I hate to say it but they should split the categories into male and female again. It shouldn't have to be that way, but I'd rather see females get some recognition than none at all, since I feel there's probably no way the sexism in the recording academy is going to change anytime soon with the amount of old white men voting.

  10. When an industry is dominated by males, it’s difficult for women to break into, even if they are just as talented or more talented. They can be stigmatized & patronized in the industry bc they’re women. Also they’d be discouraged bc it gives of the vibe of a “boys club”. Which makes them less likely to try bc they don’t feel welcomed or taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

  11. The Grammy's haven't been relevant since 1989. Remember 1989? When they awarded best artist in the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal category to Jethro Tull?

    Fucking farcical. Any award show this big inevitably is.

  12. i mean the awards should be given to whoever did the best, not just to women because “diversity.” but at the same time, because these awards so rarely go to women (who are just as, if not more, popular and beloved as men) that could be an indication that there is sexism in the industry

  13. Rehashed funk bullshit should NOT win any Grammys – but considering that Grammys are pure pretentious bullshit and are decided by OLD – OUT OF TOUCH – LAME ASS TWATS – it actually makes perfect sense that Bruno won.

  14. Honestly, the Grammys are pretty garbage as a standard for acknowledging artists period. Their voting methods and standards are reflective of an idea that held water maybe 60 years ago, but is plainly inadequate, and has been for some time. Otherwise I think we'd be seeing some completely different artists up on those podiums. Forget bias against just women: the Grammys are biased against certain genres, regardless of their appeal, execution, or reception. The very base of the show needs to be redone.


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