I know I said the last one was gonna be the last, but I found this Grizzly Hills project I started on more than a year ago, touched it up and here it is. As always a little bland without the art style of WoW, but there you go

I am not arguing that this looks better than WoW – the beautiful art style is what makes wow look good, which this obviously lacks. This is simply and only me having fun in Unreal 4 and wanting to share.

I have previously said I planned to release this stuff for VR, which is unfortunately no longer the case. The projects are incredibly poorly optimized and will not be able to run even on a flat display, let alone in VR.

The assets used are not made by me, which is another reason I won’t be releasing the projects in any form.

I hope you enjoyed all these fun recreations! I hope it inspired you to maybe start playing around the engine yourself.

Please check out the creators of these stunning assets!

Quixel Megascans

“Conifer Forest Collection” by MAWI United

“Ultra Dynamic Sky” by Everett Gunther

”Aurora Borealis” by Mountain Trail

“Medieval Village” by PolyPixel

”River Water Tool with Flow Bouyancy” by James Stone

“Medieval Props Pack” by SilverTM

“Medieval Props Pack 2” by SilverTM

“Totems of the Grizzlemaw” by Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford & Russell Brower

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  1. beautiful. makes me cry because WoW will never, ever be the same. Ever. I'm glad I hold memories of it close because it was the best thing any kid could ever experience.

  2. Dude, this is the graphics i dream about in WoW, it's just AMAZING! Oh i wish i could play in such game 🙁
    Please, can you make any nigt elf-themed location? Teldrassil (not burned), Darkshore, Ashenvale, Winterspring, Hyjal, Val'Shara, Azsuna or Suramar, something from this ^^

  3. Don’t know how I stumbled on this but it was so beautiful and true to the feel of that area (my favorite) that it was genuinely emotional. This is absolutely amazing.


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