The Palestinian faction Hamas says it has reached a deal on political reconciliation with Fatah. This move could signal an end to a decade long divide between the two groups.
Ahmed Yousuf, a Hamas official, discusses the development in an interview to Al Jazeera

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  1. "What changed on the ground ?" I'll tell you : they were offered a share of the loot that Fatah steal every year from the Palestinians. Yasser Arafat stole 3 billion dollars . Also they are both One-Party dictatorships who beat and kill any Palestinian that dares to criticise them. They are both above the law and behave any way they like. They have a lot in common and now they have agreed to share the cash they are stealing from Palestinians.

  2. from my recollection hamas butechered the fatah when they took them out of gaza
    lots of dead with no regards to civilians obviously
    both of the parties are animals that serve people that seek only money for themselves
    just like arrafat


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