Combining Dead Man’s Hand and Iron Juggernaut

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  1. Pretty much stopped playing HS after playing daily for a few years. Still watch your channel though. Good times! 🙂

  2. Some nice decks Dane – this is what I like about you – you think outside the box, and it looks so much fun compared to normal "net-deck" decks.

  3. I've played dead's man hand on the very after the launch of the cards and tested. And yes, i've noticed that will show on the log line. But i imagine if the opponent really see this. If they do, that's a bummer… and the opponent will really see your cards. I will check with a friend of mine if he see my hand.

  4. Rotface is the most subversive minion ever made. He farts and summon a fuckin Ysera. All of the gods came out from an abomination's anus. Maybe Rotface is the new evolution's theory. The Big Bang was the Rotface fart and the world was made.

  5. I approve of this memery. Iron Juggernaut must be my most played Legendary in the game. Build-around-me cards are the best.

  6. I love iron juggernaut and tried some decks with it in. I must say – i fucking love this setup – it's so much fun!
    I appreciate your videos a lot – great decks & very fun to watch. Keep it up!

  7. Faced a guy just now playing Dead Man's Hand + Iron Juggernaut, but they were doing a mill/fatigue rogue style deck. Would've lost to it if not for playing a face hunter with no cards over 4 mana.

  8. i dont have dust, could you check if passive hero power works with auctioneer beardo (refresh hero power after you use spell) ? would be nice OTK if it worked ;p


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