1. Why is this near top of trending? I mean like aww cute. But there isn't much special about this. Is it because he is white she is black?

  2. Black sea Click my YouTube Name and watch my YouTube Channel how robot augmented Boko Haram Freaks and Hamburg cell Germany blocked me 30 years to learn a profession and tortured. We want our HUMAN rights GG12 UN23

  3. Congrats to you both. Have watched Serena and Venus since I was little and inspired me so much. Glad she has found her prince charming…and Alexis is just gorgeous. Many blessings..

  4. Please Alexis or anyone responsible for your channel, if you are reading this, please deactivate the comment section. It's unbelievable how racist and useless people can be. God bless you and your lovely family.

  5. Im a great comedian that has gotten millions of views and thought about suicide i was thinking about drowning myself so many times if you all wanna save me please DM me on instagram @comedian_thefreshman they all say I might be better than Kevin Hart

  6. Before you people say white racist try to look more into these people if you dig deep enough you will find that a lot of these profiles are in fact black racists or even Asians trying to pretend to be white to frame them.

  7. The one time a Trump comment could be used & it makes sense…"The reason this has 4K dislikes is because of racism…on both sides"

  8. All you people need to get a life. Like focusing on your lives and not some other celebrity or another athlete that comes and goes.

  9. I was wondering why this was trending then I realised, "Oh my God, it's Serena Williams!"
    Congratulations to the new family ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Really people, there's so much video like these and bunch of people saying "omg aw this is the best video!" And "omg best family!" Really what the heck, really people.

  11. …for fucks sake, a stiff throbbing cock enters a hot moist cunt, then splatters a load of thick sticky cum all over the pussy walls, and you get this…


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