1. I do NOT like Hilary Clinton, but Sunny is wrong here. Hilary is not president because of her mistakes not Comey

  2. Whoopi is a bully. She won't let anybody speak for more than 30 seconds if they have a different opinion than her. She needs to be fired.

  3. You know when Wikileaks release harmful info about Trump all liberals say that it is true, but when they release harm info about Clinton then they're saying that Wikileaks isn't a credible source. Make up your minds it's either credible or not.

  4. Clintons for prison!!! Don't think we've forgotten B**!!!! Throw this C*** in a concrete cell and let her rot!!

  5. They are on the show to talk! Whoopie, can you stop cutting jedidiah off every time she hits the nail on the head!? She never interrupts you. Show her some more respect

  6. Hillary won a popular vote, the president is not a democratic office. The executive branch does not represent the people. Hillary lost because she is delusional and all those who believe in Hillary still are just as delusional.

  7. hillary is lucky shes not in prison as she should be. hopefully the blind commie left will continue in their delusions. gives us hope they will stay weak and learn nothing

  8. both Hillary and Trump are trash…
    Regarding Hillary, the only reason she got as far as she did was because "now is the time for a female president" So let's run Hillary, nevermind that she is the absolute worst human we can find in our party.


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