RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel on President Trump’s resolution to withdraw the US from the Paris local weather settlement and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s feedback on President Trump.



  1. She's the most hateful person ever.
    So I guess she's correct because Trumps win has certainly brought out all the vitriol from the Progressive left starting with Hillary.

  2. Hillary Clinton is the true face of feminism.
    Hillary Clinton is PROOF that feminism is an abject FAILURE.

  3. She's making money for speeches? good for her!! She's a cero to the left, she doesn't count anymore! instead distracts the focus away from the President which is a good thing.

  4. This type of Game of Thrones comedy was also enacted by the Republicans during the Obama Presidency. Nothing changes in the Corrupted World of Politics. I am left to wonder when do these PIGS truly do the work for & on behalf of the PEOPLE.

  5. the left doesnt like hillary and wants her to go back to the woods. She has to steal the primary from Bernie and then she lost to the most disliked president of all time

  6. Laugh at the CEO's. You Can't fight Climate Change. It's a naturally cyclical occurring phenomena, that's been happening for Eons. These CEO's are just positioning themselves just in case the Dems make headway in 2018, but most likely because of business interests in China and India.

  7. The message from Obama asked all of us to let our position known so that we could be more involved.
    The campaign example of President Trump was divisive and has created division in our cultural diversity
    I am sure you see the difference. How can I support someone who obviously cares so little for what makes America great.

  8. Someone really needs to point out to her that all the violence and things that she is projecting upon the right, are actually ALL coming from the left. Her friends, like Soros, are openly financing the division and violence.She should maybe turn off CNN for a day and go on the internet to see what is really going on. Maybe she wouldn't make herself look so foolish if she did.

    I'm one of these former Democrats who left the party because of all their insanity and delusions.

  9. She should be watching from the side lines in one of the finest medical wards our Federal penitentiary system has to offer.

  10. Bill clintons a rapist, Seth rich, pizza with map at this point what does it matter, why am I not 50 points ahead?

  11. I hate that woman, everything she does evil she doubles down saying Trump does it…. How has this bit#$ lives in that body?

  12. fucking nation is falling apart and this fucking station is worried about goddamn emails fuck you fox news.

  13. What a really stupid shill. She is using overused talking points to sell a stupid and reckless decision by a megalomaniacal president who is so out of touch he is issuing Kim Jong-un like statement declaring his brilliance and magnetic personality. Blame no one but Trump for Trump's inability to be a successful president. He is in his words a "total disaster". Each day brings more negative news and shows him to be a completely incompetent buffoon. And I am no Hillary fan. I wish she would shut up and quit whining about why she lost. Both of these candidates were insults to the American public and they were so unpopular, it reflects the collapsing of the two parties by the corrupt system we have in place that only represents the extreme wealth, Corporate influence and military industrial complex. Congress does not pass anything substantial because they do not know how to lead – they are lapboys and girls for the special interests. The Republicans are not even a party anymore, they do nothing but represent the Koch brothers, Wall Street and the Military industrial complex. The reason why no complaints about passing a $54B increase in military defense and $20B for a stupid wall but all this hand wringing about the costs of health care because these rich assholes are so greedy they want every penny they can wretch from the middle, working, lower classes and the poor. Simon Legree and Hetty Green would be proud.

  14. Hillary's gone nuts.
    Yes, she & her puppets in the administration & media have done nothing BUT obstruct president Trump incite unrest, & foment lies about the Russian – not a shred of evidence even though Pres. Trump was wire tapped!
    I haven't seen the republiucans rioting or demonstrating against democrats. It's been the other way round. The republicans have shown endless patience.

  15. Hitlary is just an old, washed up, failed candidate who is one of the biggest criminal whores in DC. She should be rotting in jail by now, but it does take time to gather the plethora of evidence against her, her husband and the Clinton Foundation. She should be terrified of what is coming, terrified!

  16. really……then again Christians will blame killing their kids on the devil so are we really so shocked that he is pulling this. aftetall his fanbase does it all the time when they proclaim "THE DEBIL MADE ME DO IT" after drowning their toddlers and infants


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