Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed a crowd in Houston, TX that she applauds a US army strike on a Syrian authorities airbase, however urges President Donald Trump to do more.



  1. She's calling for a war and liberals praise her. It's amazing how liberal's opinions can be swayed in 5 minutes off listening to this bitch or CNN. Goddamn morons.

  2. Gross, this corrupt bitch is still trying, it's sad. She will never be president and neither will her daughter. She will die stinking of cat piss, right next to her rapist husband.

  3. Americans, your leadership, "wipes your feet" about international law. Think about global, irreversible consequences…

  4. Obama and Clinton together created this unempathetic mess playing bullies without balls without honesty And to manipulate divide and control regardless of race religion or country.

  5. Your at least 4 years too Late Hillary. 40 Billion Dollars later and these Radical Animals grew from 400 to about 40,000 since 9/11


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