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  1. You know how you can tell someone is going to be a bad parent? When they say they don’t like kids except their own. You don’t like kids-you don’t like kids. You think some magical fairy dust is coming over you to make parenting more fun and less difficult because they’re you’re own? Think again. Those tears, cartoon shows, sacrifices etc are the same. This is part of why we have generations of people who don’t spend time with their kids. They believed the cliches. This notion is my biggest pet peeve!! Except this guy said the only kid that will enjoy my presence is my own. How arrogant. He may be attached to you but with an attitude like that no one enjoys your presence dude!

  2. I’ve held a baby (my cousin) when I was around 7? N that’s the earliest I can remember… It really shocks me to know that these many people haven’t held a baby until now…. wow…

  3. I held a baby for the first time a few years ago when my friends had their second kid. I was so afraid of gripping him too tight and hurting him. He wasn't even a day old and he looked so tiny and fragile. I made it through that experience but that made me want to adopt an older child rather than a new born when I'm ready for children.

  4. I have zero maternal feelings towards human babies. Give me any other baby animal and I'll love and cherish it like it was my own!

  5. i am in this. i wish i had said "aliens could abduct the bady" when they asked what is the worst thing that could happen. it was a very unique experience. i felt very awkward….

  6. Well I have three younger siblings, I’ve been holding babies all my life. It’s easy and it’s a great feeling emotionally for me, cause one day I wanna be a mom and it’s a great experience.


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