Curare, often called “flying loss of life,” was used for hundreds of years to make poisoned arrows. Scientists found how one can use it to create life saving medical therapies that we nonetheless use right now.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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  1. It isn't dangerous when eating it?
    Eats Curare to prove it isn't dangerous, accidently bites his tongue, dies from poison

  2. Another reason to protect what natural biodiversity we have left in rainforest and reef, who knows what other potentially useful molecules are out there

  3. I was pierced by an arrow once. Since then I've been having hallucinations of an imaginary friend who can punch things

  4. This is legit? It was on arrow, deadshot would lace his bullets with this poison and if the. Bullet didnt kill you the poison would in about 5 minutes

  5. "screws with the chemical messages". This techno-speak is so hard to understand, could you dumb it down a bit for us small brained viewers?

  6. Super impressed you just said "Montreal" 👍 Americans usually say the city then the country for some reason; like you wouldn't know where Manchester or Perth is lol


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