After finishing school, Jocelyn and Jarvis had $96,000 of debt from student loans, credit cards, and buying a small rural property. This is the story of how they paid it off in just 20 months, and then built themselves a debt-free custom tiny house for their family of 4.

After ignoring their finances for a long time, the couple finally faced reality one night when they sat down and added up all of their debts, and compared it to the revenue they had coming in.

When they realized how much they owed, they decided to make some drastic changes so they could pay it off and stop worrying about money.

To start, they moved to a smaller apartment, changed jobs, shopped second-hand, froze a credit card in a block of ice, switched to using cash only, and made a budget that allowed them to chip away at their debt.

They had a white board with a list of all their debts, which they updated every time a payment was made so they’d continue to be motivated. After 20 months, they were completely debt-free. After that, they continued with their minimalist, frugal habits and were able to save up enough money to build themselves a custom tiny house on wheels.

They’ve been living in the tiny house for over two years now, with their two children, and plan to continue living in it for as long as they can. They are currently saving money to buy a small acreage where they will build a larger off grid home and keep the tiny house as an income property.

We’re very inspired by this young family’s dedication to improve their lives by paying off their debt, by their awareness of their energy consumption, by their efforts to buy less and live a low waste lifestyle.

They’re trying to make positive change in every aspect of their lives, and that’s not always an easy thing to do.

Thank you, Jocelyn and Jarvis, for sharing your story with us! And for the beautiful day we spent at your place!

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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  1. I have been watching many youtube videos of tiny house but yours stands out by far, in beauty of the house and surroundings, and in your strategies & efforts to be debt free. Very peaceful, inspiring and warm to the heart. Thank you so much for your vision!

  2. Forgive me for being scepticle but how does a couple pay off a debt worth $96.000 in just 20 months? The woman is a nurse. I'm very interested what the guy does for a living.

  3. love the tiny house if you can call it that, its huge. The problem i have is when they said at 10:26 that they won't be living in that house forever. Why build such a huge tiny house without future proofing it. I mean yeah you would've made it a little narrower in some aspect. I feel that this place could have 2 lofts and 1 bedroom which would be perfect for a family of 4. The idea of tiny house living is 1 to have less, 2 to be more free and 3 to enjoy more of outdoors instead of being in the house all the time. tiny houses are beautiful because there's less.

  4. Nobody gonna comment on the guy's name? Jarvis? Iron-man?

    P.S. Jokes aside though, amazing house, very well made with a fresh and cozy design.

  5. I love their site, and their home. Their candor as to the process is lovely, but I wonder what their income is? What kind of work does he do? They must have made a lot of money to pay off that debt, even living frugally.
    I would love to see tiny houses built by poor folks, that would be inspiring and relevant.

  6. Wonderful family and video (and the way they set everything up just BeAuTiFuL) Thank you for making such inspiring videos for us!

  7. I have a question: in regards to the extensions you have on the house, if you were to move, what would you do about it?

    Love this video btw its really inspired me!


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