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  1. The odds of this video about Tuvalu watched by a french who studied in Kirksville Missouri weren't supposed to be that high ! LET'S GO BULLDOGS !

  2. This isn't really an option for them anymore seen as a load of top level domains have recently opened up, I'm currently the owner of a .com and a .design, both work exactly the same.

  3. Smaller than Kirksville, Mo?… I live in Kirksville… Holy shit this is messing with me. Especially because I've never even heard of that museum.

  4. I actually know the Former Ambassador of Tuvalu to The Republic of China Personally, He's actually a pretty down to earth man.

  5. All I want to know is how you get to the trending list with 80K or something views?
    Your content is good but not extraordinary. People have already made videos on this topic.
    There is trick to trending list or what?

  6. So…it's basically… tuvalu…blah..blah…england…US…currency…tuvalu…yeah…here is the fact….
    You can make this video atleast 4 minutes shorter

  7. $2-3 million dollars per year should be enough for this tiny community to feed every one of them and live without any sort of hardships without even having to work.

  8. Heyyyyyyy, be nice to Cliff Stoll. That man is amazing. Also, the amount of predictions he got RIGHT about the future of the Internet was much greater than the stuff he got wrong in that one article. He also kinda went and invented the field of cyber-forensics practically by accident.

  9. You can't just drop facts like "the Vatican has a $2,000,000,000 dollar bathtub" and move on like what you just said wasn't insane.

  10. Someone needs to tell SkillShare that the way this guy "advertises" for them is so obnoxious that I wouldn't use SkillShare unless they paid me very well.

  11. Best video yet! Seriously I've love all your tge half interstins and this one is nearly flawless. Great pacing! Intestine facts! And even the transition to skill share was so smooth I watched the whole promotion.


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