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This video goes over how to get your face through Halloween with my personal favorites for removing makeup and my skincare routine. These are products I use over and over and are what I’ve found to be the best combo to keep my skin as clear and even as I’ve ever seen it. I hope if you choose to get any, you love em just as much! Feel free to ask me questions about them in the comments.


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  1. PS. In my frazzled editing state I didn't mention this but should've- I said I wait at least half an hour between the oil and toner, to make sure the oil sinks in first (it dries within a few minutes for me & that works for my usual night routine), but for most people it's probably just more practical to do the toner first so you don't even risk removing the oil.

  2. I'm being Alice from Alice in wonderland this Halloween and I was wondering if you could do a glam Alice and a Gore Alice

  3. Can you please do a tutorial for Gaurdians of the Galaxy? And also where would you recommend to purchase contacts? This video was really helpful?

  4. Hey Mykie, could you maybe make a video on your accutane journey? I am thinking of starting to use it, but my doctor says that it is a really strong drug, and it could have a permanent damaging to the female reproductive organs. I really want to get rid of my acne, but nothing is really helping me, i would love to know your opinion.

  5. Yay!!! I just tried out one of my Halloween looks, and my face was sooooo raw after washing off all the layers ?? So thank you for the tips!! ???

  6. I really wish people cared more about animal testing ? Clinique is not cruelty free (they test on animals) that includes dogs and cats, not just mice ..

  7. Really wish you weren't promoting a brand that heavily tests on animals. Its disappointing. I was excited cause I work as a haunt actor but I wont be using their products.


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