Control your hose pipe with a button to water your garden or get the postman, this is another build from my book which is full of other great projects that are simple and can get you into creating your own inventions.

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  1. Here we have another small project from the Furze book, what would you use it for….the garden or attack muhahaha. Link to get hold of the book yourself is in the description. Thanks to all that have bought it and are enjoying it. CF

  2. Project idea: make a Nerf gun powered by pressurized air with a solenoid valve, I tried to do it but I don't know enough about solenoids timers electronics etc. Or a machine that taps your phone's screen for you for those idle tapper games, i made a janky one out of lego on my channel.

  3. You've made it really easy for people to work out where you live with this video! Hope you dont mind all of YouTube knowing your home address, took me seconds to find it on Google maps!

  4. Okay, now replace the water with 200 bar compressed air and the nozzle with an arrow and we have a real Colin Furze project…

  5. Let me explain:
    You don't press any button: COM is now connected to NC
    You DO press the button: COM is now connected to NO

  6. I'm confused to what demographic you have been trying to hit recently, and you must be as well. With the kinds of videos you have been making for the last while you are obviously trying to appeal more to kids, and i guess you have had a growing younger audience since you started out. But no kids are going to make this, yet alone have a use for it, so what exactly is the point now. It's like making a kids show about how to do your taxes, I'm pretty confused.

  7. Mr.Furze remember when you made a turkey cooker? Well octopus is a challenge to make so could you try to make a octopus cooker for people who have problems cooking it?

  8. Great video! You should put subtitles in these little tutorial videos! I'm from Belgium and have been doing these kind of little projects with my nephew. For the moment, I have to translate all of it during the video which makes it a bit confusing. If he could just read it, and watch what you're doing, he could continue without my help, which would make it even more fun for him!


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