DIY : Learn how to make a Stair climbing Robot utilizing PVC pipe, six 12V DC motor (30 RPM), six wheels and one wi-fi distant management. Its additionally known as Mars Curiosity Rover.

Let’s test it out my new channel – Mr. NK : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdUt_VCOlUwtnXygdnPqRkA?sub_confirmation=1

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Its Physics working fashions for science exhibition. It’s superb challenge for mechanical engineering.

Thank you for watching Crazy NK !!!!!!



  1. Instead of telling hardware formation you should tell about the transmitter receiver battery capacity that is the voltage and the current of battery the rating of battery the source where you get all these things and the battery life by which the project last along with this you should also tell the specification of a motor As some motor on direct supply runs on higher RPM while some on low as they generate high torque/power as compared to RPM if it'll all this things to your channel may be something else because now there's are also very smart they do not seek for Hardware they just go for transmitter and receiver and electronics parts that's it.


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