You can do it! You just need to be a VIP for this to work to its fullest. If you are not, just use any Fast Car on this track.
If anyone has any suggestions for improvements to my tune please let me know! Will update and give you credit in the video!

Final note first person to request a Vinyl Logo I will make it for you! Only on this video!



  1. Instead of doing only 50 laps, you can set the race to a 4 hour timed race, scored by distance & "bigger is better", since this makes the most of the percentage based mod rewards.

    I coincidentally did this for myself last night using the same car and track and after 4 hours and 842 miles over 338 laps, I got a based payout of 590,000 and a total payout of 3,127,000 after the the 100% difficulty, 50%+50% FE car and 230% Mod bonuses were taken into account (I also levelled around 16 times for that one 4 hour race).


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