Hey, guys! After I received my husky pup, Roxy, I turned actually all for canine psychology and canine coaching. Today, I’m displaying you guys how I educated Roxy and the way you should utilize those self same suggestions at dwelling to coach your personal canine. Big shot out to Roxy for collaborating with me on this video! Subscribe for brand new movies each Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/tC5TRA

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  1. Hey Dr Mike, if you're reading this, I just wanted to say that Roxy is so cute and so well trained, you should be very proud. =)

  2. You two are so adorable!! ♥️✨? doctor mike and roxxy ??? thank you so much for the video we love you! ???♥️??????

  3. I really like your video Doctor Mike??, she's really beautiful roxy,I will add it on my page "animals_for_insta" that I created❤

  4. Hello Dr. Mike…I really love watching all your videos…Your husky Roxy is very cute…Keep up the good work you do for the people…My mother is above 40 years and constantly has muscle pains and headaches… Could you please do a video on diet requirements and other things which people above the age of 40 should follow for a healthier lifestyle… Thankyou..!!?

  5. my dogs are trained to kill everything unknown and my dogs probably kill all the neighbor's cat that walked around my house at night. But when they see my family, they love to hug and kissy, they even love the neighbor next door.

  6. I already trained my dog very well before watching the video, but now I taught him to search and it's the cutest thing ever !!

  7. Most people in NYC have pugs. I am starting med school. How do you work 80 hours a week and keep a dog? Serious question

  8. I have a 4 year old dog that I didn't train well enough when she was a puppy and I'm worried it's too late. She knows sit and some basics but I really want her to be able to walk without a leash and come. Does anyone have any tips on how to teach a dog that isn't a puppy and also how to make the dog obey when there isn't a treat to give them.


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