An employee hit the wrong button during a shift change, which triggered the false missile alert warning, according to the Governor of Hawaii.



  1. RUSSIANS WERE INVOLVED!!!! This was a trump-russia joint attack!!!! This was personally orders from putin to Trump, then Trump did what he was told to do by his Russian masters….damm Russians always interfering in us government affairs!!!!! The Russians hacked the system…the human error was a trump cover-up!!!!l this was a Russian government hack!!!!! The Russians are coming!!!! The Russians are coming!!!!! With Trump in the white house the Russian flag will be flying over CNN's HQ in days!!!! I have top level super secret classified information from CNN that the Russians hacked the computers….but only I and the clown news Network can see it….we have alpha 7 level clearance, that higher then captain Janeway has, and she is the captain of the federation starship Voyager!!!! Beam me up!!!!

  2. Be careful not to confuse people with the girl that cried wolf. I was there on January 2nd on Vacation when they tested their Tsunami and Nuke Alarms

  3. This is another reason to never take RFID. These assholes can't even run an "emergency broadcast system" or a cable station for that matter. Heartless morons the lot of them!!

  4. Hahaha. There is no dam button. It's a series of controls that must be done first and load the right text to be sent to people's phones and as for the TV warning. Same thing. Mist pull up the correct warning to have announced. This crap on CNN is to stupid. Well. If you think CNN is real news then OMG. It's real and we all laugh at you for hours

  5. The most important advisory that could ever be issued and the State Government could not get it right. No, I do not blame the actual person getting paid $22 dollars an hour that pushed the wrong button. I blame the the entire state emergency-planning personnel comprised of goofy liberal progressive academics whose men are feminized and women who like men that way. It was probably a Millennial or Gen-Z minority who pressed the wrong button and will receive pats on the back, hugs and counseling to not self-blame. No, I'm not railing on Millennial or Gen-Z snifflers. They were raised that way by parents sporting bumper stickers of their kids' honor role status – you know, the status that ALL the kids got so that no feelings were hurt. Folks, that's the kind of strength and integrity running our city, state and federal governments. However, if I'm wrong and the button-pusher was a white man over 60, he'll be exposed to the press and crucified by all.

  6. Yeah right, Pushed the wrong button, We'll put the missile alert button on the wall next to the escalator button, So we can press both while running like fuck and jumping inside lmfao.

  7. They test the civil defense sirens monthly, including the missile attack siren sound. THE SIRENS DID NOT GO OFF ALONG WITH THE PHONE MESSAGE. Very stupid not to be skeptical of what showed up on your phone.

  8. Hold kæft hvor er det pinligt ! Folk som bor der bliver jo terroriseret af deres egen regering . Det er fuldstændig LA LA p

  9. I live on Hawaii and this scared the shit out of me, It was enough for my mom panic and start screaming, it felt like I was going to die. I blame it on Trump

  10. Bottom line you have 6-16min to get underground and pref with supplies and this test shows 99% are fucked!! the 1% of th emilitary knows it and properly informed civilian engineers!!!! so people wake the fuck up prepare an underground bugout shelter with 6 mnths food and water and medical supplies !!! if people want to survive. Anyone justs a bullet ie theives and anyone who doesnt have their own supplies its DOG EAT DOG TIMES COMIN!!! feminist libtard zionist devil jews gays pedophiles first to go DEAD!!!

  11. Wow! Bunch of incompetents!!! Did the button pusher also work for CNN (FAKE NEWS) part time? I thought CNN had the market on nincompoops. (snicker)

  12. A mistake??.. so I guess there's a button for every nation WHATSOEVER .. and this idiot just happened to press the the button that specifically mentioned KOREA on the alert warnings.. NOT Russia or other areas but….. KOREA ??.. SMFH

  13. It’s good they are prepared. Our president could text a photo to North Korea of his butt hole and start ww3 at any moment.

  14. It was chaos because we weren't sure what was going on. A push alert on phone and a message ONCE on radio, but that was it, no other news, no other information, no retraction. Music, tv playing as if nothing was wrong. No sirens. So we weren't sure if it was a hoax, drill or if our government officials were like, "Oh bomb is coming, la da da di da". So we did what we could to prepare and we definitely need practice (unfortunately), but it was scary. People always think they prepare enough, that they would be calm enough under pressure, but NOTHING can prepare you for the fear of being stuck with the uncertainty (because of lack of communication) of certain (because a bomb = bye bye) death away from loved ones. I am glad it was a mistake. Very, very grateful. But so far, there has been no apology, just a bunch of pointing fingers.

  15. when you've lived through the cold war you realize these things do happen. in the old days you wouldn't hear about it for a week or so.

  16. Can someone explain why they consider this "fake news"? In particular this story and hopefully in your own words and not just more of what our President says parroted back at me.


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