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  1. As a 16 years old person, Im like : Shit… Adults suck!! Hope I can still be this chilled and happy about people, obviously my group age as issues too, but just trying to keep it cool and optimistic!

  2. seen a bunch of these and I really have to ask; Are British friend gatherings really so depressive? I mean you seat, drink tea and take turns to listen and talk? It does not look fun at all…

  3. Today it's my birthday, and this actually made me feel like I can change things for good, since I'm only 22, thank you school of life.

  4. This kinda content situation, and I think first of all, it's an abuse of power, but, why people need to commit to watching these videos? I just find, I find it so weird…
    Kinda creepy and cringy, like I just, I do not want to be in front of a computer, watching this kind of thing and I'm just, not interested….
    Think it's disgusting. Like I just, I don't understand why somebody needs to watch multiple of these videos.

  5. If rejection of things in the sexual domain is considered a symptom of denial, doesn't that undermine the idea of consent?
    When do you know you legit don't see the appeal to something if it's all potential denial?

  6. I really like The school of life, but many times when I finish watching videos that discuss themes about the relation of oneself to life's issues, I get quite depressed. I'll explain why. Through the school of life I learned a lot about myself, my feelings, encouraging lessons about not being ashamed of my vulnerability, and various other issues involving relationships, life challenges, and life itself. But what makes me depressed is knowing people's hypocrisy, their ignorance, even though they all share the same feelings. The world is indifferent. Although the school of life teaches us in a didactic and comforting way how to accept ourselves, and accept our reality, and the reality of how people and the world are, and how we deal with them in order to obtain a satisfying life to the fullest, we know that this does not happen. we live in an ignorant world. We are faced with reality and to get ourselves into the world we have to mold ourselves, hide our feelings, follow patterns and behaviors, deal with judgments, wear masks, prove injustice and do injustice. We can not learn to be emotionally intelligent, we have to learn by observing suffering and experiencing suffering, ultimately by living. Not reading a book or watching videos on YouTube, this is not a criticism of the school of life. As I said, I really like The school of life. But I believe that the reality is very obscure and indifferent to the solutions proposed here.

  7. I liked the new format. I find these behaviors to be true. I would like to see some of the hurdles and life challenges middle age brings on.

  8. Sometimes what people are saying is just that. Face value. It's up to individuals to be honest with themselves and others; people are not mind readers and shouldn't be expected to be. Sometimes it's just not that complicated.


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