It’s develop into an all too frequent pattern – attackers driving vans into crowded streets.

This time, the victims had been all Muslim, as they left the Finsbury Park Mosque in London after a midnight prayer.

It occurred in the course of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. At least one particular person has died. Ten others are injured.

Bystanders tackled and held the 48-year outdated attacker as he tried to go away the van. Police now have him in custody.

Prime Minister Theresa May says police declared this a terrorist assault inside eight minutes, and that counter-terrorism police are actually investigating.

But what’s behind the rise in these kind of assaults? And how will it affect Britain’s numerous society?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Azad Ali – Head of Community Development for Muslim Engagement and Development organisation.

Aurelien Mondon – Lecturer on the University of Bath.

Afzal Ashraf – Security and Counter-terrorism Specialist.

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  2. You could start by throwing the Queen and all of her criminal associates in prison. Terror ramping up just in time for their ongoing narrative.

  3. OMG wtf is Islamophobia? Ever heard of christianaphobia? Athiestafobia? No? And why is that? Maybe because these groups don't give reason to be afraid of their ideologies.

  4. The citizens are pushing back, I say its only going to get worse. What are the chances of a national campaign on how the majority of British patriots are peaceful people happening?

  5. Can we just actually look at the facts? Humans are coming into the country and killing citizens out of their religion. Religions really aren't necessary. They've banded people together and also ripped them apart. What is so hard to understand about this? I'm making an atheist only country.

  6. how dare the English people not accept their new masters! pay your jesiate. if you are blown up or chopped to pieces you deserve it! if you don't like it you are islsmaphobic

  7. jajaja teresa is so fany!! she say this terrorist attack it will be no more, jajaja HOW? or WHAT? you gonna do teresa to prevent this.


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