Fox News senior political analyst: Attorney common’s testimony earlier than the Senate Intel Committee on the Russia probe wasn’t wanted, however Sessions had an opportunity to clear his title #Tucker



  1. At this moment the democrats are thinking up another lie to attack the Trump administration with. I really hope that voters understand what is really going on with the hijacked democratic party. No plan, no message, and no leadership. Pathetic!

  2. We are well beyond the democraps looking like fools. Now comes exposing all the Dems lies. And hopefully some prosecutions to go with it.

  3. If you're still a democrat then you need to vocally separate yourselves from this violent and odiously evil new neocrats.

  4. You damn right there was Treason. WTF do you call what Hillary did with here server to hide her corruption? You GOD DAMN right there was Treason, and it all accrued under the Obama admin
    Now the tax payers are stuck with a distraction the DEMoRats have transpired to cover up corruption of the worst kind, not to mention fucking spying on every damn American. They thought they would win the election and be able to sweep all this away.
    But the American people said enough is enough. Now they're trying to cover their ass with lies and keep Congress from doing it's job with distraction after distraction.

    I know this. IF anymore people skate prosecution the American people will revolt. We are either a country of laws or not and Washington is skating on very thin ice with the American people. When was the last time you seen the streets run red with blood in D.C.? Watch what you do Washington because there are millions of oath keepers and true patriots watching your every move

  5. The Russia probe NEEDS to continue or WHAT ELSE will the Democrats find to "oral diarrhea" about?
    Seriously how about probing Hilary's uranium deal with the Rooshians?


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