I added captions to indicate you what the “Sign Language interpreter” was really signing. Sad state of affairs for Deaf individuals in Manatee County. Twitter @Just_J4now



  1. My first job in high school was interpreting ASL with no certification for minor things in my neighborhood – also not paid at a real interpreters level, of course. Coming from Saint Augustine with FSDB, it's a more deaf-friendly city. I would imagine it's rarer to find signing hearing people in other areas.

    It should be obvious that he was uncomfortable, so I instantly felt he must have been asked to interpret because of a lack of a certified interpreter under the circumstances. I have found myself in non-televised interpreting situations before that were too big for my britches. I would have been mortified if they were recorded. Please give him a break – he did his best, & it's a tough, high pressure situation to be in, especially on the spot. Let's not overlook the fact that he's serving in other ways, too, which is more than most can say at the moment. Give people a break – we all could use them sometimes.

    It may not have been ideal, but really people, a hurricane just went through our state. We've got bigger problems at the moment, & fortunately closed captions. Fortunately this was not a true emergency message (as far as I could tell), even though I know it must be isolating to the hard of hearing to be excluded from any message/update. So instead of spending our time pointing fingers, why don't we all just learn some sign language instead?

  2. What I read in a news story (accuracy is unknown to me) is that he was pushed into doing this and never claimed to be a translator for the deaf, just has a deaf brother.
    This has happened in the past and it was stated gov. translators would be screened and certified (or whatever) in the future.
    If they were in a bind, they should have written up cards with the info on it for the deaf to read. Misinformation is usually worse than no information.

  3. 'ay, umm. anyone know asl?'

    just dont say you know it
    i know more than him and im 13, not deaf and dont know anybody deaf.

  4. Please stop the hate speech. You are all seeing a Lifeguard with a Deaf brother attempting to interpet. This is an example of why interpeter training is required.

  5. Dude!!! I've been studying ASL on and off since I was 7…that being said I KNOW I can't do more than vocab words! (English grammar I got, ASL grammar is tricky to put into practice for me) Have some respect, if you know you can't keep up with the person speaking, one of his many problems, don't do it!! If you find fingerspelling tricky, another of his issues, don't do it! Finally, if you are not an actual interpreter or in any way fluent in ASK, his biggest issue…DONT DO IT!! Lives hang in the balance for something like this.

  6. I understand the gravity of this situation, but I could not help but laugh. The subtitles vs the actual content was so wildly off I couldn't believe it.

  7. Wow this is disgusting. I can't believe I didn't hear about this through any mainstream media outlet. It's not ok to risk Deaf people's life just because you think you have a working knowledge of ASL. How can someone who (supposedly) has a deaf family member be so utterly ignorant of how much he is risking the safety of the local Deaf community with his nonsense signing?

  8. This man is not a fake You guys are all hating on a man who puts his heart, sweat, and blood into this county, he was only helping because no one else could. maybe you shouldn't take shots at someone if you don't know them or the full story.

  9. ACTION NEEDED BY ALL VIEWERS ASAP! Please contact your elected U.S. Congressional officials — in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. This may be a violation of federal disabilities laws. There MUST be in place an emergency plan for providing notification to hearing impaired of situations of imminent danger — and in this case potential catastrophic, life threatening danger. This needs to be remedied NOW!

    Hurricane season is still ongoing. This must apply for dangerous winter situations also.

    Phone numbers for U.S. SENATORS' offices, both voice and TTY are available by calling the Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 (voice) or 202-224-3091 (tty).

    Phone numbers for U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES' offices, both voice and TTY are available by calling the Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 (voice) or 202-224-3091 (tty).


    Please feel free to post this information on your social media websites and any groups that could help empower and activate people to make this change! Thank you.


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