Hyrule Warriors is coming to the Nintendo Switch with a Definitive Edition! Watch the trailer to see what that includes!

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  1. Aight so I'm confused. I have the 3DS version, bought the whole DLC pack for it. Does this mean I have to buy everything again? I'm seeing people saying they gotta ''buy it again'', does that literally mean we're having to pay for everything we've already purchased?

  2. man nintendo loves bringing wii u games to the switch.

    but hyrule warriors again?………….YYYEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If I get this game I'll have to o all this long grinding stuff again. But then I can listen to Molgera Battle remix in High Quality.

    Worth it!

  4. Ok so are we getting a confirmed new character as well so they can fill in that empty space on the roster. I kind of feel like they have to

  5. I am happy I waited on the Wii U version. 29 characters, full 1080p, Breath of the Wild exclusive outfits AND I can take it anywhere?? I'd be stupid not to pick this up!!

  6. And here i bought Legends because i didn't have a Wii u back then……Nintendo: Screwing over the Console players with a Handheld port, then screwing over handheld players with a… portable… console port? Either way I guess this is the part where i look like the big idiot for buying Legends

  7. But….. where are the 4 champions of BOTW…? Where is Urbosa….? Those 4 are meant to be in HW….. I SO pray for them, being coming dlc…. ???

  8. Higher Quality? BOTW Outfits dlc?

    Thanks but no thanks, unless they reveal new characters that isn't DLC i'll stick to my Wii U version.

    I'm not going to waste 60$ and buy it over again.

  9. I traded in my Wii U at EB Games (Australian GameStop) so I could get a big discount on my switch, I was pretty upset that I never got to play hyrule warriors. Now that it’s on the switch, I’m super hyped 🙂

  10. No data transfer no buy. This is a huge game, and this is the third time its been released now. There's no reason to not have a save transfer now.

  11. One of my favorites on the Wii U. Nintendo didn't mess up the roster like FE Warriors. We just want old favorites to play as in FE Warriors.


    This is the most amazing shit ever just when i thought about buying the Wii U this Changed my Mind.
    Nintendo done it again. Always makes me buy their Stuff.
    I am so happy right now xD


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