I had a change of coronary heart after yesterday’s stay chat; I hope you possibly can forgive me.
(ETA: since lots of people are utilizing the purpose of this now blocked viewer being a mod of mine, I needed to clear up that she was NEVER a moderator of feedback on my movies. I let her be a mod ONCE in a stay chat, a spur of the second determination on my half, then noticed folks commenting that she wrongfully blocked folks so I instantly TOOK HER OFF as a moderator. So she wasn’t even a mod for a full chat. I’ve by no means had ANYONE reasonable my feedback on my movies aside from myself)



  1. you're growing as a person and sometimes its tough. but its obvious that you strive to be an awesome person and I love you for it. you're my favorite YouTuber but I was mentally dealing with all of this as well and wondering how I was going to react (either unsubscribe or ignore the issue… neither I was okay with). I'm glad you came to this decision and for the reasons you did. you are a fantastic honey and I love you lots. have a great day, move forward and continue to be beautiful inside and out. ??? Always with love from California!

  2. I can't believe how incredibly immature and controlling you came off in that live chat…"blocking" people because they 'swear' or say thing that you don't necessarily like? You shouldn't have a channel or be on social media. Then I see in this comment section you pinned the comment you liked to the top of the thread. It's just childish and it shows how controlling you are even in a video you're professing that you were 'wrong'. I unsubscribed because people like you start channels with an intent to do makeup tutorials, etc., and then turn their channels into all topics aside makeup. Tati has had her channel for ten years or something and she rarely, if ever brings up anything other than makeup. If you can't handle the heat and spend your time monitoring everything ~ you shouldn't be be on social media. You disable your comments for mukbangs for your 'mental health'….wtf. Grow up. Oh and I'll be so hurt of you 'blocked' me. ffs

  3. I love your channel and do not think you have anything to apologize for. Who ever she is, she did nothing wrong here. You are not responsible for other peoples actions. Love you for who YOU are.

  4. I want to know what's going on but I don't want to sift through the livechat to figure it out…can someone explain to me?

  5. It takes a lot for someone to admit when they were wrong, and I respect you so much for that. Keep your head up and stay awesome!

  6. I’m so lost LOL. I watched most of your live chat & must of missed everything. I’m old & things must of been over my head ?.

  7. I'm so saddened by this. Honestly I Love her channel and her as a person but I lost a little respect for her making this video. I think you should stand up for yourself and your own opinions, beliefs & values! It just seems to me like she was put down by all the negative things people said, bent to their will and gave in so she could fit what they wanted. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. you did nothing wrong in the first place.

  8. I don't understand what happen, but it sounds like some not so positive words were said in response to something you may have said, I don't know I didn't watch the live chat, however what ever was said, you are a woman of true spirit and this comes through in your videos..your not responsible for how someone interrupts your words..that's there's. again, I don't know what happen and what your apologizing for but I know you would never say anything hurtful on purpose….take care and continue being you, your amazing and I love your videos

  9. I truly appreciate the apology. I'm not one of the aggrieved parties, but the fact that you took the time to reflect and make a genuine, heartfelt apology totally reinforces why you're one of my fave YTers. Hugs!

  10. Cassie, stop giving in to the trolls and feeling pressured into doing these apology videos. Paying so much attention to them and going so far as blocking comments on videos like the Mukbangs are making it clear that people's opinions of you are reaching unhealthy lows and you're letting them win by posting videos talking about how much they bother you. It's okay to allow yourself to feel through something and be upset when you read a hateful comment; it would disturb anyone, but stop PUBLICLY reacting to it. That's exactly what these trolls want. They must love it when they see you crying in a video and seeing how they get to you. These people are bullies and not worth your tears or time.

    From now on, take the approach of taking care of business behind the scenes rather than posting it for consumption. If you decided to change your mind and block the racist moderator, then go ahead and do so and move on. Don't make it a bigger show than it already was. If you're recording a mukbang, don't even mention the trolls and why the comments are disabled, and your mental sanity, or any of that. Just keep it moving. The less you let people know that you're always bothered, the less power they have over you.

  11. all youtubwrs are shitty people. I've never seen one apologize without crying or trying to make their mistake look small. manipulative assholes. I hope you get a heart attack from the plaque in your arteries.

  12. Maybe a mod for the comment section and to run the live chats would help? I know 'censorship' is a hot button issue but when your brand reaches the amount of people you do, it's helpful if not necessary to remove some of the burden from the creator.

  13. I wanna give you a hug right now. We all learn everyday. You did a great job for accepting what's wrong and apologizing. Not everyone can do that.

  14. Those who are saying Cassie didn't need to apologise clearly don't belong to the groups that viewer targeted. But the world extends beyond our own little lives. There are times when the silence of one's friends can be just as worst as the words of one's enemies. Ever heard of the saying about all that's necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing? It's not easy to take a stand, clearly Cassie's braver than those advising her to sit back and be quiet.


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