Music video by Incubus performing Loneliest. (C) 2018 Incubus under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




  1. This music conforts me.
    Feel me like a teenager again. Back to 2005.
    Good old days… And now become part of good present days.
    Thanks you guys, thank you Incubus, thanks Brandon!

  2. They released a music video for one of my fav tracks of the album the same day of my birthday, what a fcking awesome surprise, still wanted to hear this song live when they came to chile last year, but still it was an amazing show ~

  3. sounds too electronic. I want to hear real drums. Thats what I loved about you guys in the early days, the organic sound. It felt like real music. Please dont conform to the bullshit hitting most radios now.

  4. Such a sexy song depicting a man that has gone so long without physical intimacy. And on the other end of a screen is a woman propositioning him into meeting in person with the intent of having sex. In the end it goes against his better judgement, he has to push through the sexual tension and resort to internet porn.

  5. Удивительно, но образ видео довольно точно совпал с теми образами и ассоциациями, которые у меня есть на эту песню…

  6. I was stoked to see you guys were making a new music video, and I was really excited when it was going to be themed around this song. But this "music video" is lacking in so many ways it hurts. Could have been so much more than a girl dancing in b/w. I'm not hating, the production just feels really underwhelming considering who you guys really are.
    What I'd really love is the old Incubus to come out more, I really miss the style from Fungus Amongus and SCIENCE. The new Incubus is amazing, but the old Incubus really gets me on my feet.


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