Find studs in walls covered in drywall, fast and easy with no expensive electronics! Jamie Schmitt, HGTV Contractor and blogger for Coolnewtool.com will show you how!



  1. Great! If it's a finished wall put some painters tape over the end when you swipe. Mine sometimes leaves gray swipe marks on flat paint sometimes.

  2. I found when it doesn't work or it's really difficult to find a screw, that it's in an area where they loaded it with drywall mud and it's too thick to really let you feel a pull. I doubt it's the magnet. Maybe expand around the area and see if you get a hit elsewhere. Then measure over 16" from that point towards the area you want to find the stud and try narrowing your search area. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Would you trust this 'trick' to hang up a TV?  I plan on finding the stud by finding 2 nails above and below where the TV is to be mounted, so I am 100% a stud is back there.


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