Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods reveal the five new Kylie Cosmetics Fall Lip Kits: Autumn, Hazel, Butternut, Libra and Wicked. Launching October 6 on KylieCosmetics.com



  1. These bitches sound like how you speak after smoking 10 joints back to back and dropping 2 xanax's, expect for the fact they're sober. ??‍♀️

  2. I'm not a Kylie fan but some people here in the comments need to take it down a notch shes still a human who has feelings like anyone else.

  3. I honestly think that Kylie should open up a personal channel because I feel she has more control over what gets published rather then on her show

  4. Does anyone else notice the dent in the middle of Kylie’s bottom lip? What is that? And that hair that’s crossed over to the other side of her hairline bothered me the ENTIRE video! Besides those 2 minor things, they both look so pretty and I can’t wait for these lip kits to be released!!!

  5. Yoooo!!!! I see soooo many hate comments ? smh. If you all don't like her, i feel so sorry for your pathetic life that actually "giving time" to make comments here

    Let's be real, if you hate something, you leave, you don't give a single fucking shit. Thats what im gonna do if i hate something.

    The fact is, all those 1,8M viewers are people who wants to see her, wants to know her make up empires, her life, herself.

    Kylie jenner is so young and she achieves so many things than most of you haters. ??


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