Iranian voters are ready hours in line to vote within the nation’s presidential election. CNN’s Becky Anderson experiences



  1. I thought this was a women's Beekeeping class? Why are all the women dressed in the same beekeeper's outfit? Did Obama give all frozen assets $150,000,000,000.00 back to Iran so Iran can suppress women's dress code and export terrorism prop up Assad just to have all the same kind of beekeepers suits? No style no flash no bling sucks to be a women in Muslim nations! You should vote on what you can wear!

  2. OLIVER DARCY IS A TWO FACED LYING PIECE OF GARBAGE. Blitzer needs to save his dignity and career and get the hell away, far far away, from CNN. They are beyond a cluster fuck.

  3. Ironically, in Iran, it's the "hardliners" who bring the most democracy, power to the elected government, and free market economy. The 'moderates' are puppets of the Ayatollah. Under Ahmadinejad, Iran had a large heavy metal band scene. Under the "moderate" they were put in jail. I think CNN is backwards like hebrew and arabic.

  4. Anyone remember when the father of the Pulse Night Club shooter (Muslim) attended a Hillary rally & sat behind her podium with a big, fat smile? ?

  5. Hail Obama for making Iran great again! Now Iran is propping Assad up thanks to all you demoncrats giving them over 150 billion to buy Russian arms to send to Syria with fighters troops on the ground ! Thanx obama! What a great legacy to make make Russia and Iran great again! Russia got billions in arms sales to Iran!

  6. No matter who wins it is all Russian collusion in Iran! Why Is CNN silent on Russian collusion on Iranian elections?

  7. What the fuck are Iranians doing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Arabian gulf countries?? Kick them out economic migrants back to Iran

  8. Election hahaha. Oh I see what's going on here CNN is trying to brainwash you into thinking Iran doesn't want to kill every last American like that fat ass in North Korea & ISIS. So what is Soros's goal here.


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