Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton reacts to President Trump’s comments that he’s considering pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, a major foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration.



  1. Who will pay for Iran war?? Not israel. US taxe payer and debt on credit card. 24 Trillions. After Iran war = 30 Trillions WHY?

  2. Ok Fox is officially Jew news, Bolton war with others sons and US money for israel and zionist Fed. For years i didn't wanna believe it, now we're living propaganda and making of a war LIVE ! Much worse than Irak and Afghanistan… criminal media DO YOUR JOB. Tell the truth of dual israeli firsters launching wars for israel. TELL the TRUTH.

  3. Israel is our only ally, only democracy, US MUST protect Israel and KILL iran whole economy, decertifying allows economic war. I love my President Trump.

  4. I’m surprised Iran has not purchased nuclear weapons from fat Kim. I’m also surprised Kim has not sent one on a cargo container ship set to detonate once near or inside one of our ports.

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