Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the 2015 deal is not renegotiable.

On Twitter, he called Trump’s announcement a “desperate attempt” to undermine a solid multilateral agreement.

We spoke to people on the streets of Tehran to find out what their views are on the issue.

Al Jazeera’s Zein Basravi reports from Tehran, Iran.

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  1. Iranian terrorist regime should pay a heavy price for funding terrorists organizations all over the middle east

  2. Iran has been making billions after the JCPOA, the Iranian people have not been enjoy the dividends of the JCPOA because the Iranian regime spends the money on foreign wars and fund Shia militias in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan

  3. The reason why they can't help there people is because they want to play the victim, if your home policy don't work in a oil rich country then it not the US that's the problem, as Russia has prove if you got resources then America has no power over you (the reason why every Iranian suffers is because the government is too busy applying to the nuclear deal) the worse excuse ever.

  4. I don't like Iran giving reaction to that…. Why ….. For example if Trump is barking should other start barking…. Iran government shouldn't have reacted to that.
    Maturity counts….. USA have given many threats to Indians on H1-B visas but India doesn't react instead India do work on ground instead engaging in barking.


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