Speaking at a security conference in Tehran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif decried efforts to destabilize Iran, after protests left 22 dead. RT America’s Anya Parampil reports.

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  1. Great countries and empires almost always fall because of internal treason. Codreanu said that is better to shoot a traitor than an enemy and he was right.

  2. Stop giving Iranian citizens money to Terrorists. Every year they give.
    $12 billion to Syria
    $6 billion to Hezbollah
    $800 million to Hezbollah
    $2 billion to Houthis

  3. why nicky haily doesn't ask UN for special meeting over arrests of princes in Saudi Arabia and protest against Netanyahu in Israel and why she doesn't want to arm those arrested princes or Israelis to fight their goverments fuck this jewish Babylonian woman even seeing her talking makes people get nervous and angry

  4. Americans should keep there nose out of it at one time people did admire the US those days are gone and they only have them self to blam

  5. Nicki's Next Line…We didn't get the Weapons Of Mass Destruction Frm.Iraq..Because Iran took them…All Of Are 652 Intelligence Agencies Say So..We Must Act…Are You With Us Or Against Us…

  6. Fuck the Zionist central Wankers whom Use the U.S.A to burn Innocents
    To do it's dirty work,Shit stirring Countries and warmongers should Be Nuked..BiBi Is Zionist Crime Minister!

  7. The People's Liberation Army's of China and Russia stands with the Iranian goverment.????????????????????????????????????


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