1. Tips:

    1) Set the level for a turret- THEN copy it. It will save you a lot of clicks vs setting the level for each… individual… turret.

    2) Items "float" when your mouse is over them (helpful when they are close together).

    3) Trees hide things in the editor but not in play (sad! tho understandable).

    4) Remember to set your HQ level. But. if you forget see 5.

    5) To "fix" a base you published- copy it, delete the original, then fix the problem, reset the name, and republish it.

    6) There are THREE menus of items. Defensive, Support, and Decorative.

    I created "Kettle Bells Prime" an upgraded 60+ "Kettle Bells."*

    It's under #classic #upgrade .

    *Also, "Sneaky Boot Camp" and the "Maximum Burn" series.

    Further Tips!
    To Test on android, load the editor and sign in, then select "Request DESKTOP site" in the browser settings. Definately works on Chrome- not sure about other Android browsers.

  2. Hammerman: "to carry out the most evil of plots!"
    30 mins later
    me: publishes base made up of 1 max HQ and the whole island is covered in boom mines

  3. problemas no up dr. kavan apos o tempo para up do 1 para 2 retornou para 1 novamente! favor verificar a correção por favor!

  4. I have two problems with this.
    Problem One: I went to the site to make a evil base but when I registered I never got a verification email.

    Second Problem: Everytime I try to make a base the screen cuts in and out, A LOT and then it just goes blank.

  5. hey boom beach yesterday I have set dr kavan on level 2 and I woke up this morning dr kavan was level 1 and there wasn't any refund my player name is bis


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