Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner maintain an unbelievable quantity of political energy. That’s troubling contemplating their extremely small quantity of political expertise.

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  1. What Trump Did Last Week, Tonight with John Oliver
    Cover the rest of the world Oliver, turkey had a constitutional referendum, Venezuela is in crisis and Theresa May called for a snap election, can we get some actual informing news on that instead of 20 minutes of bashing Jared Kushner?

  2. I get sick of the double standards on all these liberal shows. you make fun of Christians and Christianity but they dare not make fun of Muslims because right now it's the cool and popular thing to do but in reality your f**** hypocrites

  3. man, never thought john oliver could be this propogandist against the trump fever, highlighting lows or even trying to mislead the audience towards funnier moments (for instance the jared kushner voice thing)……..nice to way to represent a neutral voice [or so as I thought]

  4. I never understood why America liked Ivanka, she's too calculating and geisha-like, the minute she starts talking I feel off putted.

  5. Number one, we got this guy, Not Sure Jared Kushner.

    Number two, he's got a higher I.Q. than any man alive.

    And number three, he's gonna fix everything.

  6. Ivanka was only for the riddence of abortion but not until she aborted Justin's baby so her hubby don't find out. Mic drop.

  7. Jared isn't an elected official, so I don't understand why Americans aren't more upset about him basically running the whole country. Graduating from Harvard isn't a credential for reforming the federal government and brokering peace in the Middle East. Even if it was, he's still NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL.

    Let's all imagine for a second the outrage we would have seen if Obama (or really any other president) had put his son in law in charge of brokering peace in the Middle East.

  8. Surprised he didn't mention that Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are best friends and Jared is good friends with Chelsea's husband.

  9. nepotism, economic neo-liberal policies, conflict of interest with family own businesses
    is this Latin America in the 90's

  10. Soo, you have nothing on Ivanka, you just been an asshole showing a video when she had 15 years and pure conjections…This is propaganda to attack a women, and his housband…What us wrong with a young man, that the president trust and probably want to prepare for the future….atack him because he don´t speak much??

  11. Why are we talking about these people as if they have any qualifications or even opinions on political issues? They don't. They are the face of a brand, and as Ivanka wrote, they don't care about reality.

  12. I love how fervently trumps base slobs his knob for "booting out two political dynasties – bush and Clinton" as he actively tries to set up 24+ years of trump family presidencies

  13. Jared Kitchener or what ever his name is is a dip shit just like trump. You fucking stupid republicans sure know how to ruin a country


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