Jabrill Peppers breaks via 10 tacklers to get Paramus Catholic the landing
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  1. I guess watchin football players nowaday is like watchin a horse race, all bought, and no owners. Makes me proud to be a black stable owner. YO RUN MFER, RUN! I zGOT BOOKS TO KEEP! LMF WHITE AO!

  2. the biggest problem was that the defense was full of white people against an all black offense nothing special just pure greater athleticism

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  8. He so much better at offense than defense. Our team (DePaul) played him, was not great at corner (he let up a touchdown and missed open field tackles) but a complete freak at offense he should think about his positions at Michigan.

  9. Old vid but for the people calling the other team bad RBC is one of the best teams in the state. They haven't lost a conference game in like 3-4 years.


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