The squirrel park (Kinka Squirrel Village) is correct subsequent to Gifu Castle. Gifu Castle is type of a smaller Japanese fortress, but it surely was solely 200 yen to get inside and the view was stunning! August is possibly not the most effective month to go to until you want sweating. OH and tremendous near all of that is the Gifu uchiwa fan shokunin that we made a video about a couple of years in the past! We stopped by and he stated he sometimes will get folks in who noticed him in our video, which is neat. 😀 Here’s the map: https://goo.gl/FV29rx
Castle & Squirrel village are somewhat southeast up the mountain!

Gifu Uchiwa video: https://youtu.be/Bw-L5u26jHY

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  1. The squirrels remind me of the anime Dog Days. Also I feel like Americans would naturally throw coins into the pond thinking it's lucky, I wonder if that's only in the US.

  2. Congrats on #38 trending. Currently traveling a bit. Stopped by McDonald's, and downloading some of ya videos so I have something to watch~

    You guys are one of the top reasons I have YouTube Red. Lmao

  3. I like how when i see a squirrel on a tree trunk, we make eye contact and as i'm walking past the tree, he manuevers around so i can't see him from the other side. It's like they're constantly prepared for a sneak attack.

  4. Gifu castle? Isn't that one Oda Nobunaga seized/owned? I want to visit and check all the weapons out & the descriptions & history! I don't know why but the Sengoku period kind of fascinates me.

  5. Damn the monkey's have their own sauna, the deer have their own park, the foxes, the rabbits, the cats, and now the squirrels. The animals have trained the people of Japan rather well.


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