Jared Kushner, senior advisor to President Trump and husband of Ivanka Trump, kicks off the American Technology Council conferences on the White House.
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Jared Kushner Makes First Public Remarks Since White House Appointment | MSNBC



  1. Okay, that good you're updating out of date technology and sites – other than making applications for veterans more accessible – How is this making government more transparent and better all of our day to day lives?! You made 1 thing more convenient to some. I applaud that but think they are extremely overstating their achievements.

  2. what exactly is his position,& why isn't he standing before Congress answering questions regarding his treasonous activities?

  3. ?? Ok 1. We all know his voice took us by surprise please get your giggles out now. The take over has begun..(yeah I know it already started just stay with me here). Ya know, it's like you brace for impact and a squirrely man with a squirrely voice just toon slaps you in the chest claiming he's going to take over the world. you know he means business but..come on ? I wish I had more power to fight this, but I give my energy to the ones who can. – Peace and Love my friends ?

  4. Now I know why he doesn't do public speeches. Unconvincing and high school skill level. It is also obvious he doesn't read much and certainly not complex material.
    Shut you eyes and think lipstick and a skirt. Yeah, now you hear the voice.
    He making a big deal out of what should be regular business. I'll bet his room growing up was full of plastic trophies and medals.
    Jared- Ivanka – Donald, criminal 3 way.


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