The rapper and music mogul discusses therapy, marriage and politics with The New York Times’s executive editor.

Jay-Z Discusses Rap, Marriage and Being a Black Man in Trump’s America https://nyti.ms/2BxcSWo

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  1. Jay-Z pimps his wife like a hoe great role models for black youth and teach hate if gov was so bad how did they rise to top so quick

  2. Obv at 45-50 your testesterone has completely decreased, because this dude JAY Z is sounding real feminine, from hes voice to the way hes sitting, this interview alone is a perfect example of how a man becomes when hes stripped of hes power and lives in a feminine household, Jay sounds like hes balls have shrunk!

  3. My son Jay is wild sophisticated he’s exactly what everybody sons and fathers should aspire to be but in the thumbnail he looks like somebody mom watching they kids open they Christmas gifts like mmmmhmmmm i told you id get it didnt i

  4. Black people need to stop obsessing over what whites think of them and focus on their community;that's a bigger issue.Welfare queening has got to stop.Black people need to teach their kids life skills and how to cope in society

  5. I really hope that the young people here know that the NY Times is the most biased news publication in the history of media. The NY Times is not fit to line a dog cage. The blood of a million Americans is on the hands of the NY Times.

  6. How anyone suppose to have a seat when they keep kicking the chair out the way. Lot of ppl oppressed sometimes I jus have to set aside & wait .

  7. You got where you are from drive and the will to succeed and work. Just the same opportunity that EVERYONE has in America. Congratulations.

  8. This man truly understands the power and weight that words can carry. Even when he was metaphorically discussing being in the eye of a hurricane, he said "let's not use that word because a lot of people were affected." He didn't want to undermine and patronize the tragedy


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