Featured in the Official Insecure Season 2 Soundtrack – available now: http://smarturl.it/mInsecure

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  1. Why doesn't this have more views yea there's something wrong with humanity for sure if it was the wack ass Katy perry Miley Cyrus or Taylor swift their no soul non talented asses would get more views dumb ass earth

  2. Do anyone else noticed this is from rock bottom pleasure p all thanks to my baby pleasure p we got to give a lot of thanks to the 90s and early 00s black artists they saving our generation with bomb ass beats

  3. here's my thoughts…. this would be blowing up the r&b charts right now however, you can not come out while another hot artist whose making his comeback mark to is getting major attention…. TANK! this is a chick song seriously but the chicks attention are over shadowed by Tanks fine ass right now and dudes ain't probably gon feel this like woman will! ijs! GREAT SONG WRONG TIMING!

  4. My seventh time listening to this today.
    Love Her!!!!!!! I can literally listen to her voice all day. She’s one in a million.

  5. I'm so appreciative that they shot the music video in the actual apartment from the show & even used characters from it as well


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