As the season winds down, folks can be casting their ballots for NA LCS Regular Season MVP. I weigh in on one of many debates about Jensen

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  1. Man, completely agree with every point made in this video Mark. I'm as big of a C9 fan as they come and quite frankly am not afraid to admit it. Yeah there are other dominant teams around the league…but I've always been a C9 fan and will always be.

    With this being said. I love the way you pointed out the stats based off of Jensen's DPM…true they are lower than several other summoners (one of which shall remain unnamed…*a certain midlaner from TSM) But where as Jensen dominates the rest of the stats how can one not give him MVP. I mean he has really earned it this split.

  2. Bjerg is still better. By a lot. Jensen has grown a lot since coming to NA, but if we're talking MVP, it's Bjerg. It's been him for the last few years and I don't see that changing any time soon.

  3. Riot should make more stats available to the community, and how to calculate a lot of things. It helps amateur analysts a lot more to have these sorts of things available to you.

  4. how can you say orianna isn't a damage dealer? can we repeat last split when the only pentakills were on orianna? and lets not forget, jensen on orianna has his highest KDAs other than LeBlanc. Jensen's champion pool is much smaller than Bjergsens. If someone other than Bjergsen has to get MVP (because Bjerg has dominated the league so much since he's been in the US) it has to be Olleh. Ive never seen a support be so influential on a team like Olleh has. Sure theres aphromoo, but literally what Olleh is doing is miles above what aphromoo has ever done. Until Jensen wins a split (never gonna happen because he's toxic) he doesn't deserve MVP.

  5. I think what most people fail to argue about when it comes to the bjer vs Jensen topic is that, yes bjer in the high pressure situations has prevailed several times, however it is because he has had a lot more time in the LCS vs Jensen. For the short time Jensen has been in the pro scene he is putting up crazy stats and overall performance. His performance this split is just insane. Him or olleh for mvp.
    I think what some of the bjer fans are starting to fear is that it's only a matter of time when Jensen surpasses him entirely because if you really look at it now, Jensen is better than bjer in most categories right now. Bjer without a doubt the one you build a team around over Jensen for now but not for long. Few more splits where Jensen grows even more and bjer will be 2nd in n/a and it won't be long either.

  6. IMO
    Bjergsen is overall the better player.
    He requires low resources from his team, he roams a lot getting other players on his team ahead, he shotcalls, and he's still a rock in the midlane almost never being behind the other midlaner in farm even though he roams a lot.
    He also plays a lot of supportive champs Galio, Taliyah etc.

    Jensen on the other hand sucks up a lot of resources from his team and he doesnt roam that much and from what I know he doesnt shotcall, all this adds to his high stat numbers aswell.

    I put the MVP vote on the person that leads his team to victory almost every game over the guy that gets good stats every game.

  7. For MVP, I can really only get it down to 5.


    LIra feels like the best choice (if only by a little bit) but every time I look at the list again I just get even more torn.

  8. Mark read this: If Jensen is the shot caller then he isn't as successful as Bjergsen. If Jensen isn't the shot caller then he isn't as valuable as Bjergsen.

    Perhaps Jensen is playing comfort picks (which he is) and thus his stats are inherently inflated. Not to mention raw stats is a horrible metric for MVP, by itself. If Jensen were on TSM, if Bjergsen were on C9, what would the standings look like? How valuable are these players to their respective teams now? If it's between Bjerg and KDA player, C9 needs to put up results. Landing a nice Shockwave is unnecessary if you can manipulate/control the map in such a way that the game doesn't depend on whether you hit the ulti or not. In C9's case, it does, and this has been by far their biggest crutch. If you use this in any way please give me credit <3

  9. I'd actually be okay with Jensen getting MVP. This was a solid argument as to why he should be. I like Bjergsen, or Olleh for MVP personally. But that's my bias showing more than anything. It'll be interesting to see who gets it in the end though, this split was pretty crazy.

  10. When people think a KDA deserves MVP. Except that even when Jensen gets all the cs he ever wanted, and all the ganks from his jungler, he still can't carry his team to be top 3. KDA doesn't mean as much as people think. Shotcalling, TEAM plays, investment put into OTHER lanes that is more necessary. Faker on a Galio does more mid, giving more gold/cs over to Bang etc than Jensen getting everything he wants each game. Please bring this video down, what a ridiculous question.

  11. Give Jensen the MVP if you want, RIOT, it really doesn't matter, because CLG will still be 3rd or lower, Jensen will choke in the big games and lose the series for C9 and lastly, TSM will win another split title. End of script.

  12. How can anyone (TSM fans) argue against Jensen?
    I am also a big Bjergsen fan, but Jensen is playing out of his mind this split.
    His performance on different champs, in different games, against different teams is just outstanding.
    If he does not get the MVP award, what else do you have to do to get it? He leads in almost every category compared to other midlaners in NA and solo carried his team in a lot of games.
    Maybe Bjergsen is better at working with his team, but the MVP award is how important 1 member is for the team and if you take Jensen away from C9 the would perform way worse than TSM with a different midlaner


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