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  1. If he stays healthy, could be one of the hardest guys to guard in the league. He gets his passing IQ up and these sixers are consistent from three, you have a playoff team

  2. It’s a shame all of these teams fans want Joel Embiid to be injured but all of their favorite players want Joel to be healthy

  3. Shaq is currently on suicide watch. The way he always hates on these centres (especially Embid) says to me that he is really insecure about others getting more attention than him. The process actually has the skills Shaq never had, so alongside with his size I can see why Shaq feels threatened. But it's really not an admirable trait.

  4. Stat projections for Embid.
    23PPG. 12.3RPG. 2.9blks. 50% FG
    3rd Team All NBA
    All Star
    Top 3 C in the world when he’s healthy. He deserves that bag


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