White House chief of staff ups the ante over a diplomatic riff with Cuba; Rich Edson reports from the State Department.



  1. Isn't it Republicans who always insist on starting shit with Cuba?
    Give it a rest dudes, the cold war ended decades ago. We cyberwarfare now.

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  3. I wonder why this globalist general c**t is picking a fight with Cuba? It couldn't possibly have anything to do with Cuba being one of only 3 countries left in the world without a Rothschild Central Bank, could it? North Korea and Iran are the other two. How IN YOUR FUCKIN FACE does tyranny have to get before the world wakes up???

  4. You know. Why doesn’t the US just close down its borders and close down all of its embassies. Just shut the whole thing down. It seems that this is what they want.

  5. So US is out of UNESCO just because it may have scolded Israel a bit!! What kind of a world we live in.. thats naked and low even for US

  6. cuba leads the world with scientific discoveries, especially ray guns.
    the worlds smartest cuban points the ray gun at the stupid americans in their embassy and dematerializes their brains.
    or its a bunch of shit that the trump administration made up, to undo any channels that obama had opened up with cuba.
    trump cant have a 3rd world nation with single payer health care for all of its citizens , for america to discover 90 miles off the tip of florida.
    or maybe its the cuban ray gun thing.

  7. Somehow, I missed the first & last time a White House Chief of Staff held the White House briefing/Press Conference. But it is great that our new military rulers are more personable than they appear when silent.


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