just one thing I felt good about after feeding. 🙂

Song taking part in: July – 시간의 끝에서 (At The End Of The Hour)

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  1. 0:28 THAT… THAT is fucking cancerous. A 4/3 Darius can just flash on 4 people dealing 433 Physical Damage followed by 3 697 True damage nukes that cost no fucking mana.

    Again : Black cleaver and half a fucking spirit visage.

    Fuck this champion. Call me bronze fucking autistic retard that should kill himself or anything that Reddit challengers say now days but this champion is a fucking abomination.

    I'll be honest though that looked really satisfying.

  2. Was a nice play but the flash then q just stinks of low elo. As well as that ez holding still and aa'ing along with his q.


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